Training Your Tenants: Why and How To Raise Them Right

Why should you allow irritating tenants to take up your time? Here’s how to stop the calls….

How to train complaining tenantsTraining your tenants is a subject many landlords discuss, but a lot of them simply don’t do it.

When they end up with the cranky complaining, fussy tenant who calls all the time, interupting important events in their lives such as taking the first juicy bite out of that perfectly grilled sirloin, it’s time for action.

Recently, we had one of those tenants and this is how we solved her problem.

(Notice, the problem was with her, not with us)

Let the tenant know you’re not their personal punching bag

You will be a good fair landlord, but you’re not there to take complaint calls.

That’s not what you do. 

If you start getting call after call when a tenant like this first moves in, it’s time for the talk.

Go to the tenant and ask her one simple question.

“Do you like living here?”

You’ll get one of two reactions.

Surprise.  She’ll be taken back because of course, she likes it.  She wouldn’t have moved in otherwise.

More complaints.   “As a matter of fact, there are those little spiders in the laundry room and   you haven’t fixed the screen on the second window in the living room yet.”

“This is what we can do.  We’ll fix the spiders and the screen this time.  But if you’re not happy here, maybe you need to think about moving.”

“Why?  We just moved here?”

Tell them….
“We’ll here to take care of the big stuff, such as air conditioning, etc.  It you have a major leak, we’re on it.  If your water heater bursts, we get to it quick, but we don’t come for every little thing.”

Here’s what we’ve found.

The tenant will stop calling.

Our new tenant went through an almost miraculous change after the two of us had “the talk”.Children of Landlords

She hasn’t called since and it’s been about two weeks.

Does this work?  Yes, for the most part. 

Very rarely will you get a tenant who absolutely hates it the minute they move in.  Most usually know what to expect before they sign.

Our advice with tenants of that calibre:  Go ahead and get them out.

Don’t let them make your life miserable.  Don’t let them rob you of special moments with your children and grand children.

You’re a landlord but you’re also a person with a life.

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