Oldest Realtor Attends Licensing Class at 98

The oldest realor in U.S. may be 98 year old Ebby Halliday who just renewed her license…

oldest realtor?The oldest realtor in the country is probably Ebby Halliday, 98.

She is from Texas and she has just finished the training required  to renew her license for another two years.  That will put her over the top until she’s 100.

Surprisingly, she is still active and still sells houses.

That proves a very good point about real estate.

You never have to retire.

It is a line of work and investment that you can keep doing as long as you want and as long as you keep your real estate license active, if you’re a realtor.

Investors like my Dad can keep at it at age 83 and up.  (He just turned 83 in July.)

Here’s another point. 

You may feel like you’re too old to learn the ropes and everything you need to know about real estate.

You’re not.  Because unless you’re 83, or even 98, you can’t really use that excuse if you are willing to learn and you really want to get out there and do it.

Besides, what is mandatory retirement about anyway?

Here’s a little more about Ebby.

When asked if  she learned anything new, she said she now knows how to put images of  properties up on The Internet.

So there you have it.  Real estate investing is for everyone.

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