More Deadbeats Over the Weekend

When they don’t have a job or income they can probably be classifed as a probably deadbeat. Show them the door

how to get rid of deadbeatsMore deadbeats over the weekend and we still have an empty condo.

That’s better than having an occupied unit with a deadbeat.

Here’s how we got rid of one of them without doing the credit check which would have cost us at least $25.

He was a very nice young man with the nicest manners I have seen in a long time.

He was personable and made an excellent first impression.

“Where do you work?” I asked.

“Well, I really don’t have a job…” he told me. “I’m having trouble finding a job.”

(Zonk.  You’re out, my dear.)

He went on to explain he was working not one, but  two waiter jobs while he looked for a real job because he was a business major.

Those jobs were iffy at best because one of the restaurants was very small.

Here’s what I told him…

“Our rule of thumb is that your rent really shouldn’t exceed one third of your income at the most.  We prefer that it is only one fourth of your monthly income.”

That was the end of that meeting and he left.

Here’s today’s quick landlord tip…

Be matter of fact with them and up front.  Show confidence.

Tell them you have standards (example, “we recommend your rent not exceed one third or one fourth of your income.”)

They’ll know you’re on top of things. 

When you add that you’ll do a credit check, they’ll really get the message that you’re on top of things.

Don’t ever get discouraged when you get several deadbeats in a row.   That can be normal. 

Remember: It’s a whole lot easier to get rid of them up front than it is to get them out later- when they won’t pay you your rent.

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