Is It Time To Invest In Real Estate?

Is it time to invest in real estate again? Or is it stil too early?

time to invest in real estateIs It Time To Invest In Real Estate?

Is it still  too early?  What about the bottom?  Shouldn’t we wait for it?

As always the debate continues amongst those real estate investors who think you should jump back in as opposed to those who don’t.

So there’s a very lively debate going on over at another one of our most fav real estate blogs, Bloodhoundblogger.

Writer Cooksquared defends his earlier post where he said it was okay to go back in.

“The great thing about millions of homes being for sale is that someone will sell at that price; you just have to find the right property.”

Isn’t that what real estate investing  is all about?

Wasn’t that how we used to win Monopoly?

He also points out that real estate is local, which is what we constantly preach from our pulpit. 

But, alas, some of his readers disagree. 

What do you think?

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