Condo Second Hand Smoking Lawsuit Being Closely Watched

Will landlords be forced to discriminate against smokers in the future? How far will this issue actually go?

condo smoking lawsuitA Condo second hand smoking lawsuit is being closely watched by Landlords.

It involves non-smoking tenants who claim their air is being polluted by their next door smoking neighbor.

This is in a newer condo development and each unit’s air is blocked off from neighboring units, so their case could be considered somewhat flimsy.

Still, they are pursuing, claiming even a small amount of smoke is reaching them and they don’t like it.

Their claim further states the second hand smoke is dangerous and gets into their clothes and they don’t like the smell.

Personally, as a landlord, I think these tenants are going way too far on this issue.

I guess I’m from the old school.  My motto has been- if you don’t like it, move.

(If you don’t like the store, doctor, etc, find another which will work better for you.  You can’t  expect everyone to do everything just the way you want-unless you’re a billionaire.)

Nowadays people want their little worlds to be perfect, according to their own standards.

But this brings up a bigger issue for us.  Will we be forced to ban all smoking from our units?  Will we have to discriminate against smokers?

This is one more way the government can really get involved with our landlording.  Heaven knows, the government is already involved in much of our services we provide to our tenants. 

When is enough, enough?

Will smoking be banned in rentals?

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