Chinese Drywall Problems Round Two

Now we’re in for round two with the defective Chinese drywall as homeowners get cut off by insurers…

Defective Chinese Drywall

There are even more problems with the Chinese drywall as we now move in for round two.

Two insurance companies have dropped Florida homeowners who have made claims about the defective drywall.

As we’ve written before, the drywall is considered defective in some cases because it can emit sulfide fumes.

There have also been problems with the fumes causing corrosion of wiring and plumbing, plus some skin and breathing problems.


The really bad news here is these insurers are demanding that homeowners fix the defective drywall themselves.

They must do that within six months of the date of notice.

That could cost as much as $80,000 upwards to $100,000 for the average homeowner.

Our take on all of this tragic mess is that we can’t expect rehabbers and wholesalers to move in and work with these properties.

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