HGTV Star Helps Homesellers Deal with Realty Reality On Hit show

Mike Aubrey tells homesellers what they don’t want to hear- that their homes are really worth less. See the fireworks…

He’s the retired firefighter turned realtor and he sold $12 million worth of properties his first year (2003).

He’s also the star of yet another real estate reality shows. This one is called, what else, Real Estate Intervention.

But don’t let the nice smile on the cute bald man fool you. He’s into tough real estate love.

And that often gets him into trouble with some of his homesellers who are not totally dealing with realty reality.
That’s because they still think their properties and houses are worth more than they actually are.

But it always comes down to one question that he always asks them.
“Do you want to sell or not?”

Simple, isn’t it?


Here are some more of his sayings which are turning out to be priceless…(maybe I should reword that)

“If you don’t price it right, it won’t sell.”
And my most fav, ” Real estate pricing is an art, not a science,”
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