Property Photography: How Important Is It?

Can images of your properties really make or break your sale? Do landlords have to be expert photograpahers? The answer may surprise you…

photography of properties for saleProperty photography: how important is it, really?

These are the images we take of our properties that are either for sale or for rent.  We’re putting many of those images on the Internet and the quality of those images could make be a huge difference.

That’s  according to Wallet Pop.

They have a very revealing post about the damage bad photography can do to prevent  a property sale.

In the case of many of us landlords, it can also prevent us from renting.

In fact, they’ve tracked down some of the worst property photographs and some of them are beyond bad.  (You can see them in their post)

But their advice is to get good photographs, even if you have to hire the work done.  They use Beverly Hills realtors as an example of how to do it right, because as we know, they do everything well to move those big babies.

Check out Real Estate Images-Making or Breaking a Sale

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