Foreclosures Causing More Problems in Upscale Neighborhoods

Foreclosures and empty mansions are getting into the party scene as some are now being used for wild late night frivolity

foreclosure partiesForeclosures  are causing more trouble in upscale neighborhoods.

Now it’s party time, apparently.

A  manse in  the Atlanta area that has been on the market for two years was the scene of a such a large party  the police had to order taxis to transport all the guests back to their cars parked at a local grocery store.

A heads up for real estate agents and property owners is that some party givers are looking at the houses and pretending to be interested buyers.

While the realtor is being distracted one of the “buyers” opens up a window to make sure they can come back and get into the house later.  Then they invite their guests to join them during late night hours.  Many of these guests pay to come.

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