Nesting: What Is It and Is It for Real?

Nesting is the latest trend in real estate. What is it and how does it affect our investing?

real estate nesting

Nesting is one of the newest real estate trends.
It is when homeowners decide to stay where they are. They won’t be moving up after all.
They like their homes, lots and neighborhoods. They will make living there work, one way or another.

If you fit into that category now may be a good time to remodel. That’s because remodelers are not as busy as they were during the boom.
But what about real estate investing? How does it effect our investing?

If you are a buy and hold landlord, it is good.
It means tenants want what they’ve always wanted- location.

I had some dental work done yesterday and the nurse told me she had just sold her house located outside of Nashville at a loss. She was driving 45 miles a day one way to get to work.

 She wanted to get closer into town. If that is not a motivation- I don’t really know what is.

If your properties are in good areas and they need a little work done- maybe you might think about doing it now.

Improve them, sit back and wait for inflation to kick in. Then you will be improving them at cheaper dollars.

I’m not saying we have a crystal ball about inflation, but we think it’s coming. We don’t know exactly when…
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