MLS To the Rescue for Filling a Rental

Need help renting a property during these long difficult months? Try the MLS…

MLS listingThe MLS helped us rent a condo that had been empty for several months.  In fact, we filled the vacancy within days of it going up in the MLS.

Thanks to my realtor sister-in-law, whom I should have listened too more quickly, the listing got in and up.  Now we have a very good tenant who actually has a job.  (Many of the prospects we interviewed over the vacancy did not have jobs.)

But the going was rough there for a while.  Condos are very different from other rental properties because you are dealing with a lot of other people besides your tenants and propsective tenants.

Then there are the rules.  We could only put our signs out from Fridays at 4 PM until Sunday nights.  What a drag, especially when certain real estate agents tended to place their signs directly in front of yours so the traffic couldn’t see your phone number.

Then there was the tenant prospect who was trying to get some sort of bidding war going on between me and another landlord.  Yeah, right.  As the kids would say.

All I could tell the other landlord when she and I ran into to each other on the sidewalk, after he had arranged it, was that she could have him.  But I didn’t.  I’m too professional for that.

However, I couldn’t figure out whether the guy was real smart or real dumb.  The jury is still out. 

He arranged to meet me at 4 on a Sunday afternoon.  He had an appointment with her at 4:30.  Meanwhile he kept me tied up showing our unit.  (I’m usually finished with walk throughs within fifteen minutes, tops.)

“You can’t give me a washer and dryer?”


“Are you willing to negotiate at all?”|
“Yes, but…”

It was not hard for me.  That’s because when I asked him what he actually does for a living he couldn’t give me a straight answer. 

“I do a lot of different things,” he had told me. 

 And he asked to see our paperwork. 

“Yes, we do credit checks.”

“I’ll let you know if I’m interested,” he said.

But all that’s behind me for now.  After all, we only have two more townhouse duplexes coming up.  So I’ll be handing those over to my sister-in-law too. 

As she stated, ” The MLS is powerful.”

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