8 Kinds of Foreclosures

A foreclosure is not just a foreclosure. Get more info about the different types such as 1st lien note, judgement, and mechanics lien.

A foreclosure is not just a foreclosure. Here is a well defined list of 8 different types of foreclosures in Texas, but they can give you a general idea of what you may be coming across as you do some deals.
(Remember each state is different and these definitions are not legal advice.)
Types of Foreclosure in Texas by Business Making Money

Here’s another interesting foreclosure market article about a recent Zillow study and what they discovered concerning how foreclosures affect the general market.  It also lists the city with the best foreclosure “bargains”

Foreclosure Home Prices 28% Lower, Form ‘Distinct Market …

However cheap foreclosures may be, it is advisable for one to be careful while choosing on a home. Among the many foreclosure homes, a bank owned foreclosure is the most secure property one can invest in fearing no risks. …

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How To Buy A Lender REO Foreclosure

Tips for Getting Real Estate Leads During These Times

Here are some good tips for finding buyers or for buying properties during these times…

What are some excellent tips for getting real estate leads during these times.

We found a very good article that says  leads are everything.

Know what?  That’s absolutely right.

Here’s some more advice by the author, Duncan Wierman.

Look for properties that have had a “for rent sign” up longer than one month.  Think there’s a landlord or owner who would dearly love to get rid of that property?

Yep, maybe.

As a landlord/investor, I can say that’s certainly true.  Not all of your properties are going to be winners.  If you have a chance to get the money out of one  and put it into something else you probably will.   There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you keep tabs of all the costs.

Read Tips for getting real estate leads  

Zillow and Trulia Add Rental Listings

Zillow and Trulia are adding rental listings. We just put up an listing on Zillow so we’ll keep tabs on how it does…

Zillow and Trulia are adding rental listings on their websites. 

Zillow’s launch was last month with 2000 properties for rent. Make that 2001.  I just put up one of our townhouse duplexes yesterday.  We’ll be watching to see how it does.

 So far, I have only received one email and that was from myself, so I think that is because of a special check they have built into the system to make sure your email address is correct.

What about the rental market? Continue reading “Zillow and Trulia Add Rental Listings”

Manhattan Rental Report In

Is the Manhattan rental market telling us what to expect in the rest of the country?

The Manhattan Rental Market Review is in and we picked it up on the Matrix blog.

This is interesting because it shows the average rental price $3789, average price per square foot, $47.02 and average days on the market, 76.

Rental prices in Manhattan have fallen a little over the last year but are showing signs of stability, so we are being told.

This report as prepared by Miller Samuel Inc considers only 76 days with a vacant unit good news as compared to 97 days during the same period last year.

Could the New York City Manhattan market be a sign of what we can expect in the provinces?  Continue reading “Manhattan Rental Report In”

Real Estate Tips for 2010

Want to be a succesful real estate investor in 2010? Here are some excellent tips

real estate investingBigger Pockets’ real estate forum has such a good post about real estate tips for 2010 that we had to mention it.

It’s called “Tips To Keep You in the Real Estate Game” and it’s short, simple but really profound.

For example here’s  a good tip: “If you want to be a successful agent or investor do what other successful investors do.  If you want to fail in the real estate business then do what the failures do.”

There are other good tips also such as to take the time to sit yourself down to find out what “habits, beliefs, and actions got you to where you are.”

In other words, if you’re not where you want to be with your real estate investing, you can change direction in 2010.

Check out the thread- it’s worth reading and copying…