Real Estate Tips for 2010

Want to be a succesful real estate investor in 2010? Here are some excellent tips

real estate investingBigger Pockets’ real estate forum has such a good post about real estate tips for 2010 that we had to mention it.

It’s called “Tips To Keep You in the Real Estate Game” and it’s short, simple but really profound.

For example here’s  a good tip: “If you want to be a successful agent or investor do what other successful investors do.  If you want to fail in the real estate business then do what the failures do.”

There are other good tips also such as to take the time to sit yourself down to find out what “habits, beliefs, and actions got you to where you are.”

In other words, if you’re not where you want to be with your real estate investing, you can change direction in 2010.

Check out the thread- it’s worth reading and copying…

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