Zillow and Trulia Add Rental Listings

Zillow and Trulia are adding rental listings. We just put up an listing on Zillow so we’ll keep tabs on how it does…

Zillow and Trulia are adding rental listings on their websites. 

Zillow’s launch was last month with 2000 properties for rent. Make that 2001.  I just put up one of our townhouse duplexes yesterday.  We’ll be watching to see how it does.

 So far, I have only received one email and that was from myself, so I think that is because of a special check they have built into the system to make sure your email address is correct.

What about the rental market?

Not good for us, right now.  We’re not surprised.  We’ve been down this road before- winter of 1990.

However, we’re doing what good management requires.  We’re sprucing up the outside of our duplexes for more curb appeal and we’re turning the empty units around faster with new helpers who will clean and paint them within a 48 hour period. 

But the biggest challenge of all is keeping the tenants happy.  We received two complaint calls yesterday.  One while I was with my Dad in the emergency room and one just as soon as we got in our backdoor at home.

One tenant was about to get into a parking place feud with his next door neighbor and the other had a leaking bathroom sink.

That’s property management for you.   Real estate is still one of the best investments you can have.  I must really believe that to say it on a cold January Monday.

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