Tips for Getting Real Estate Leads During These Times

Here are some good tips for finding buyers or for buying properties during these times…

What are some excellent tips for getting real estate leads during these times.

We found a very good article that says  leads are everything.

Know what?  That’s absolutely right.

Here’s some more advice by the author, Duncan Wierman.

Look for properties that have had a “for rent sign” up longer than one month.  Think there’s a landlord or owner who would dearly love to get rid of that property?

Yep, maybe.

As a landlord/investor, I can say that’s certainly true.  Not all of your properties are going to be winners.  If you have a chance to get the money out of one  and put it into something else you probably will.   There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you keep tabs of all the costs.

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