Property Taxes Hotting Up

Have you just written that property tax check? Can you still see straight? Are high property taxes reaching saturation point?

Property taxes are hotting up across the country because it’s that time of year again.  Many of us have just written “the check” to our county or city and we’re physically sick.

We have pointed out we think property owners have to bear entirely too much of county and city tax burdens.  We don’t think the load is fair because many large companies manage to get their taxes reduced in a variety of ways.

But where is the saturation point?

From what we’re reading it seems many areas are getting close to meltdown.  At some point, cities and municipalities are going to have to come up with other ways to generate revenue.  If they don’t they risk people moving out, or properties becoming run down because there isn’t enough money left to fix them up properly.

Here are some news stories from across the country.
Debra Medina: Eliminate Property Taxes | Journal-Post

We’ve surrendered private property ownership to the ever-growing state – we lease our property in the form of ever increasing rents known as property taxes. We’ve forgotten that ownership is an essential element of freedom; …

Homeowners Fight Back Against Property Taxes – Video – WNEM Saginaw

A forum was held in Mid-Michigan Monday night, showing homeowners how to fight back.

Why Did We Pay Our Property Taxes When the Alerus Managment …

Why is it that this city contractor, who pays NOTHING to the city in property taxes gets let off the hook when the citizens of Grand Forks are required to pay what we owe. Venuworks willingly agreed to the terms of the contract. …

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