Stop Bad Landlording Laws

You can stop bad landlord laws but you need to be on top of new legistlation. Here are some examples.

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You can stop bad landlording laws.  That’s if you are aware of what is going on with your local  legislative sausage making process.  You can also join other real estate investors and landlords as well as investor clubs.  Larger numbers can stop stupid legislation that can cost your profits and sometimes even your properties.

Here’s an example.

The Tennessee legislature is considering a bill, SB2814, sponsored by Sen Diane Black and HB2894 by Rep Gary Moore which will allow a utility district to file liens on a property for non-payment of bills for garbage collection.

Why is this so dangerous?

There have been some problems having  the liens removed after payments were made.

The local REINtn is fighting this and it will be time and effort well spent to make sure this bad legislation doesn’t see the light of day.  That’s the whole point.  You need to be on top of this stuff and that will save you  and other landlords a lot of grief down the road.

Here are some more somewhat strange landlord/tenant laws from U.K.

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As a Buy to Let Landlord I automatically refuse any applications from people who are on benefits. Before this legislation I was quite happy to take on the unemployed knowing that the rent would be paid from an official source. …

No let up in regulation for landlords

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