Will Obama Delay All Foreclosures?

Will Obama really delay all foreclosures until they’ve been screened by HAMP? Is this for real?

Obama may not only delay all foreclosures, but he may ban them, until they’ve been screened by the Home Affordable Modification Program or HAMP.

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Wwhat?  Is this for real?

Apparently, but it hasn’t been made public yet, officially.  That’s according to Meg Reilly, Treasury spokeswoman.
Okay, so how did we find out about it?
Also- what will happen next? Will the banks balk? How far can the government really go on this? Why have only a little over 100,000 distressed homeowners been helped by HAMP so far?

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But with another 754000 homeowners enrolled in temporary plans, nearly three out of five homeowners eligible for the Home Affordable Modification Program have received at least temporary help in staving off foreclosure. “HAMP is doing …

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Now while HAMP wasn’t created to address all kinds of foreclosures (which is arguably one of its flaws), a program with $75 billion in taxpayer funds behind it should do far more than help a meager 116000 homeowners almost a year later. …

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