Dr. Housing Bubble Talks About Foreclosures

Dr. Housing Bubble is at it again. This time he is reporting on Washington’s halt of foreclosures.

Dr. Housing Bubble, the blogger who correctly predicted the current housing crisis, has a detailed report in which he compares the national housing crisis to what Southern California has been going through. 

He point out “lenders have backed off on forced evictions, allowing many to remain in their homes, essentially rent-free.”

He thinks the government is putting pressure on the banks not to foreclose and to modify loans.  He says  this hurts everyone who is paying their mortgages. 

Could he be right? 

One point we have always made is that real estate is local, not national.  However, with Washington getting more and more involved that could possibly be  changing the local landscapes concerning the banks.

Read more of Dr. Housing Bubble’s shocking analysis. 

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