Real Estate Entrepreneur Hal Wilson Dies

Real estate entrepreneur Hal Wilson has died. He was the real thing, not a fly by night fake guru.

Real estate entrepreneur Hal Wilson has died at age 66 after a heroic battle with cancer.

He was an educator for those interested in real estate investing, landlording and the buying and selling of properties.

Best known for his excellent courses such as Real Estate Sales and Marketing, Big Profits and Little Deals, and Discounted Mortgages.

Hal Wilson of the Wilson Group Rentals, also wrote The 12 Secrets of Real Estate Investing.

We hear a lot about fake gurus and they are a problem, but Hal was the real thing.  He actually practiced real estate investing.  He  was also willing to work and to share his knowledge with others. 

He has left us quite a bit of material and we can still study his books and courses.  His work was fundamental, not the fly by night info commercial junk.

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