Air Conditioner Mantainence Tip: Stop Annoying Tenant Calls

The simple tip that will help you avoid those terrible tenant air conditioner break down calls

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Air conditioner maintenance is simple and it will pay off in spades as you avoid all those calls from angry tenants when their cold air cuts off.

What is the simple tip that can help you cut expensive costs and harassing calls?

Change the air filters often.

It’s that easy.

Depending upon your brand of filter, you may need to change every 30 days, 60, or 90 days.  Some filters will last longer than others.  But by changing the filters often you can take a lot of stress off your air conditioner units.  That will keep them going and they won’t break down as often.

My parents used to be in retail and one of the malls where we had a store actually had 30 day filter change in the lease.  It kept the air conditioner healthier and solved a lot of problems.   We’ve been practicing this simple tip with our tenant air conditioners and it has really cut down on our calls.

(Don’t tell Tony, our air conditioner man).

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