Curbed NY Tells Tale of Tenants Getting Even with Unpopular Landlords

Don’t make your tenant too mad. They can get revenge on Facebook.

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Curbed NY has some interesting news. I was struck by the New York City landlords who aren’t  real popular with their tenants.  Now some of those unhappy  tenants have put up a Facebook Group that is not quite complimentary.  Whoops.

Just goes to prove you need to have as good a working relationship as you can have with your tenants because these days with all that Tweeting and texting on phones, etc. you might get some very unwanted publicity.

I have no idea what the real story is behind the “I Hate _____” facebook group, but if you try to treat your tenants fairly they will most likely bring you new tenants.  That has been the best kind of advertising for us.

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Curbed also has some more interesting New York real estate news such as more of his curbed marketplace showing us what apartments in Manhattan are renting and selling for.

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