Disturbing S.3217,Financial Reform Bill Could Affect Real Estate Investing

The Financial Reform Bill, or S 3217 could have disturbing consequences for real estate investors. How?

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The  disturbing S. 3217 bill is now sailing through the Senate and some real estate investors say it needs to be stopped.

It is The Financial Reform Bill sponsored by Senator Dodd of Connecticut.  REIN, Real Estate Investors of Nashville, considers it to be very dangerous.

REIN is urging its members to inform their Congressmen and women to vote against this bill.


The problem is the language which may be interrupted to state real estate investors may not sell more than one property within a 36 month period with a seller held note/installment sale/seller financing.

To sell more than one you will need a mortgage broker’s license.

We need to stay on top of any legislation that could curtail our investing.

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