Investing in Distressed Homes: A Critical Tip

A critical tip for investing in distressed homes. Do complete due diligence first.

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Here’s a critical tip about investing in distressed home from

Why is that deal so cheap?  Why is that deal so fantastic?

There are tremendous deals out there, no doubt.  But you should also be very aware of the duds.  There are some distressed homes and properties that are so distressed no one should buy them and rehab them.

The distressed property may also be in an undesirable area.  Nashville will be a very good example for that illustration.  As summer approaches and these flooded properties dry out, they may be abandoned.  That’s because people may be too afraid to return to them.

Now that we know 100 year flood plain records are not always  sufficient  information you need when ascertaining flood probability, you may need to just avoid investment properties near rivers or lakes.

Here’s the Kiplinger distressed property link

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