My Mold Crash Course

The so called “500 Year Flood” has also given me a mold crash course. But did I really need the sales talk?

The so called “500 Year Flood” has also given me a mold crash course.

I’ve never seen so many paranoid people in my life.  They think all mold kills.  They believe their houses will be completely taken over by a bacteria Kudzu within hours.   Then it will be onlyshort jog to the cemetery.

I don’t share that belief.  Sorry, but I’m not sold.  

Yes, we need to clean up.  Yes, we should do whatever we can to avoid mold, but if I’m not mistaken there are only two kinds of mold that are really dangerous.  Not every mold is bad, and we are surrounded by molds just about everywhere.

But I did make it through the sales pitch for mold clean up yesterday.  We were told we would have to take out all the paneling in our basement down to the studs and we might even have to take those out also.  My neighbor across the street has already removed his little home theater that he had just finished-down to the studs.   

We would also have to bleach down everything including the antique upright piano that had already been in one flood before my parents bought it for me when I was in high school.  This was flood #2 for it.  

It still plays even though it was sitting in two feet of water for a little over 24 hours and that ugly green General Electric frig is still running too.  Perhaps one of today’s problems is we don’t build new things to last as long as the old things any more.   

The house is my childhood home and my family moved into it exactly 50 years ago this month.  The first 50 years passed without any major problems and I have a feeling the next 50 will be good too.  After all, the contractor built it for his own family back in 1927.  The paneling stays- with some bleaching.

So why are so many of my tenants so squeamish about some water in the basement?  I can’t answer that because honestly I don’t understand it.  I won’t go into detail about the battle we have had with one of them this week.  I think it is better if I don’t share all of that online, but all I can say is it was a stand off of sorts.  We both lost and we both won, but it was rough.

I’ll keep you posted as dumpster #3 arrives.

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