Your Nest Egg Survives

Will your real estate nest egg survive the storms? Do you have the courage to protect your properties? Will you be able to collect the rewards?

Will your nest egg of real estate survive?

Have you got what it takes to get through the storms? 

Do you have enough insurance to cover damages?

Most of all, do you have courage?

As many of you already know we’ve been through the worst flood in Middle Tennessee history.  The last week has been a test of endurance.  If you think the rain and the wind is the hardest part of it, you’re wrong.  The real difficulty is the clean-up.

But in spite of all the hardships and exhaustion, lawsuit threats, difficult tenants, and backbreaking work I still think it is all worth it. 

This little Robin who built her nest underneath my roof near a damaged gutter probably shares that opinion.  She has been sitting faithfully on that tiny nest all during the ordeal.  She was there last Sunday as the winds blew and the rain fell horrifically; as much as 6 inches within 45 minutes at one point.  She never left her children, her nest and her future.

In fact, she’s still there.  Waiting with anticipation for the good things that are about to happen.  In the end she knows what we sometimes have to be reminded of- that it is all worth it.   

So that’s why we continue to work with our properties and our tenants.  That’s why we endure.  Also, I might add, inflation is probably around the corner and most likely our real estate nests will be holding golden eggs.

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