Commercial Triple Net Lease Properties: Should You Go For Them?

Commercial Triple Net Leases: Is it really time to go for them? Are they the dream deals?

Commercial triple net lease properties are the fantasy deals almost every real estate investor dreams of.  That is they are almost hands off property management properties.

My Dad owned a drugstore for 44 years while investing in real estate on the side. Meanwhile he paid rent to one of the richest men in town who owned a lot of  properties just like his.   Plus, my Dad, the tenant did just about all the repairs.

David Bailin, head of global managed investments for Citi Private Bank says it’s time to think about investing in triple net leases.

Read more about cashing in on triple net leases from the Wall Street Journal(free section)

The Single Tenant, Net Leased Property Investment

Our favorite is the Triple Net Lease (NNN) which means that the Tenant is responsible for generally everything including structural repair. However every lease is different, and it is best to actually check any lease in the negotiation …

1031 Exchange and Triple Net Lease » Blog Archive » Interesting …

Triple-net-lease properties are usually freestanding buildings in which a tenant agrees to take responsibility for maintenance, taxes and insurance during a long lease—leaving the investor with little to do but collect checks. …

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