Rats At the White House?

Rats at the White House? At a press conference? Here’s some advice from a landlord.

There are rats at the White House, or at least in the Rose Garden.

A rat ran in front of President Obama’s podium yesterday during a press event.  The President did not acknowledge the furry critter but the ever vigilant press members did.

So it seems the White House needs to get rid of these little rodents who somehow got past security.

That reminds me of my own situation at my house in flood drenched Davidson County a few days ago.  We had bats.

My brother was calling from China when my 83-year old mom suddenly started screaming.

“What’s wrong,” Turney asked.   “What’s happening to Mother?”

“It’s okay,” I reassured him.  After all, what could he do about it?   He’s in Beijing, of all places.

The bat was flying around Mother’s bedroom and we quickly cornered it in the living room where it stayed all night.  (We somehow figured out you have to keep the lights on with bats)

Next morning we called a critter pest removal expert.  It took four phone calls to find one who would come.  I’m sorry, but you don’t need to be rerouted to Atlanta when you need someone now in Nashville.

He got rid of the bat that turned out to be a baby.  Then he went up into our attic and removed the rest of them.  Most importantly he guaranteed his work for a full year.   Cost? Almost $400.

What’s our advice for the White House?

Stop ignoring your pest problem.  Get on with it.

Rat Upstages Obama Press Conference

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Report. PERFECT!!!!!LOLOL OR DO I SAY PERFECTO NOW??? TWO CAUGHT AT THE SAME TIME. GEEZE THE WHITE HOUSE IS LOADED WITH RATS THAT ARE TRULY “”BOLD””. May 20, 2010 at 10:16 pm … “For the 1st time in my life, I’m proud of America”. Report. so she said. Now, how about calling someone to get rid of the rodents before the next President in 2012 moves in! May 20, 2010 at 9:56 pm …

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