Sellers Changing Minds Leaving Realtors in Binds

You’ve just staged a seller’s home. She likes it so much, she’s not selling. Now what?

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Sellers are changing their minds, leaving their realtors in binds all across the nation.

(Hey, that might  make a good country music song.)

According to a New York Times  article this is really getting  to be a problem because of the uncertainty of the economy, not the uncertainty of the real estate markets.

A consumer behaviorist, Dr. Yarrow, is quoted.  “People are making long-term commitments, and they limited vision into the future.”

What I think that means is if people have too many choices as consumers, they’ll develop that deer in the headlights paralysis and they’ll end up doing nothing.

Like the New York couple who worked with a real estate agent getting their apartment in ship shape.  They liked it so much after she staged it, they decided to stay.

That’s also happening with some renters, I might add.

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