My Terrible, Awful, Very Bad Day of Landlording

This has been a really bad day of landlording. Bats, downed power line, a break in and whining tenants.

This has been my terrible, awful, very bad day as a landlord.  It’s 10 PM as I write this and thank goodness midnight will be soon.  Maybe my luck will change with the clock.

We have been battling bats at my house for the last week or so.  Thanks to Critter Control, most of them were caught, but he missed two of them.  My Dad and I captured those two last night but  we waited patiently for our Wade, our Critter Control  Associate to come pick them up.  Continue reading “My Terrible, Awful, Very Bad Day of Landlording”

Condo Complex Demands Poop Pickup DNA

Poop pickup just got high tech, thanks to dog DNA and a fed up condo homeowners association. Maybe they’re on to something.

Poop pickup just got high tech, thanks to dog DNA and a fed up condo homeowners association.

It’s happening at Scarlet Place Condos in Baltimore.   Although it may appear a little far fetched there do seem to be some nuggets of sense within the midst of the stupidity.

So what’s it all about?

Scarlett Place will require all dog owners to hand over their dogs’ DNA.  If poop is not scooped properly, the offending pet and his owner can be identified.   Then it’s bill time.


That might have worked where we have some of our condos in Nashville. Recently, the tennis courts had to be resurfaced because some dog owners were allowing their furry friends to use the area as a public dog restroom.

Poop pickup DNA

Denver Condos and Townhomes : Denver Condos Should Do This…

I know several Denver Condos complexes that should consider this step. From DNA Could Solve Doggie-Doo Caper Using all the dog swabs, BioPet would create a doggie database of sorts for the complex.

Reston Condos for Sale | Dog Owner Rules for Condos | Reston VA …

Home Owner’s Associations, Townhouse Clusters and Condo living does mean more rules. Get the scoop up front to save from being disappointed later.

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Free Real Estate Forms from Creonline

Here’s a good source for tons of free real estate forms.

Picture of the
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Free real estate forms and almost free real estate documents are available from

The forms cover option agreement, landlord tenant forms, rental lease agreements, eviction notices, purchase agreements among many others.

Here’s an important warning from  Make sure you have an attorney in your area review the forms before you use them.  That’s because real estate is very local, and laws vary from area to area.

However, it is an excellent resource and you can pick up a lot of really good forms that you’ll need.  Here’s the link.  Real estate forms

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Tenant Parking Problems

Tenants parking problems can become serious issues. Here are some tips on how to get control fast

Tenant parking problems can really become a serious nuisance for landlords.  That is, if you don’t get control over it in the beginning.

For our second installment in our Landlord Problem Solving Tip Sheet, we’ve including parking.  This is a problem that can grow to unbelievable frustration if allowed to fester.

Tenant parking problem #1 :Tenants fighting over parking spaces.

If your space is tight, you will need to register each car owned by your tenants.  Assign them a parking space so they know where they are supposed to park.

This will also help you keep out deadbeats who may move in with your tenants.  If you don’t allow sub-renting you certainly shouldn’t have a bunch of new people moving in under your radar.  This is dangerous and they will take up other people’s parking spots.  And they can potentially cause worse problems.

Tenant Parking Problem #2: The old guzzler  that won’t run

I know what you’re thinking.  Your tenants are too  upscale.  It won’t happen to you.

Wrong.  We used to think that too, until it did happen- twice.  Right now we’ve got one old Honda with three flat tires sitting in front of one of our townhouse duplexes.  Nope, it doesn’t beautify the neighborhood.

Tenants will have a much greater incentive to get that junk car gone if you remind them they won’t be getting their deposit back if it stays.  It is amazing how creative your tenants can get when motivated.

Tenant Parking Problem #3: The Stolen Car

Yep, this has happened to us too, I’m embarrassed to report.

A rather nice Chevrolet was parked in front of one of our units and we had not registered it.  It stayed there throughout the lease of the tenant living in that unit.  That tenant never complained about it, so we assumed it belonged to him.

Never assume.  When we finally called the police we found out it has been stolen.  The theives has left it there, but it was still in very good shape and unharmed.

All this brings me back to the conclusion that proper vehicle registration will solve all of these problems.  When a car is parked in the same spot for too long, you will be able to ask questions and get answers.

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Air Conditioner Mantainence Tip: Stop Annoying Tenant Calls

The simple tip that will help you avoid those terrible tenant air conditioner break down calls

Series of air conditioners at UNC-CH.
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Air conditioner maintenance is simple and it will pay off in spades as you avoid all those calls from angry tenants when their cold air cuts off.

What is the simple tip that can help you cut expensive costs and harassing calls?

Change the air filters often.

It’s that easy. Continue reading “Air Conditioner Mantainence Tip: Stop Annoying Tenant Calls”