Why We Invest In Real Estate

The Bernie Madoff book, Too Good to Be True gives an answer on why we invest in real estate. Madoff could not get to our money.

Why do we invest in real estate?

Why do we work as landlords guarding and caring for our properties?

Why do we put up with all the problems such as getting rid of bad tenants, keeping deadbeats out, complaining tenants and floods?

Why do we keep on persevering  even in spite of having a bad year like 2010?

Recently, I read the fascinating bestseller Bernie Madoff book, Too Good To Be True by Erin Arvedlund.

I mention it because it is an excellent  step by step guide on how to lose your fortune.

But I’ll summarize.   Some very smart wealthy people broke the first rule of investing.  They handed their golden eggs and geese over to a fox thief.

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Commercial Real Estate Losses and Risk to Financial Stability Report Recommended for Insomniacs

The Commercial Real Estate Losses and the Risk to Financial Stability February report is in and it’s perfect for those folks who can’t sleep

The Commercial Real Estate Losses and the Risk to Financial Stability February report is in and it’s perfect for those folks who can’t sleep.  It is guaranteed to put them and any body else who is unfortunate enough to read it into slumber land fast without sandman assistance.

Let’s face it.  We’re not the only ones who think it’s boring.   

Here are two of  our favorite reviews.

Subprime Mortgage Fallout Expected To Continue For Years …

Here’s a report that you have to have a strong stomach to be able to read: “Commercial Real Estate Losses and the Risk to Financial Stability,” prepared by the Congressional Oversight Panel, which was created to oversee the expenditure …

Tough years ahead for commercial real estate – and community banks …

The title of the report says it all – “Commercial Real Estate Losses and the Threat to Financial Stability.” The problem is that there is over $1.4 trillion in loans coming due within the next four years. Over half of those loans are “ underwater. … And get this: “Community banks, unlike the largest Wall Street banks, face the greatest risk for insolvency due to mounting commercial real estate loan losses.” Some other quips from yesterday’s news release: …

Real Estate Fortune:Can It Be Made In Just 2 Years?

Is there anything new about real estate investing? Not really. Can you still make a million in 2 years?

real estate fortuneReal estate fortune: can it be made in just 2 years?  Justin Pierce, of Bigger Pockets reviews the Matthew Martinez book  2 Years to a Million in Real Estate.

The short answer is “no,” according to Justin.

The long answer is what  we’ve always said on this blog.  Yes, you can become wealthy and live off your properties in your retirement, etc. if you are willing to work hard and smart.   The problem for most people is they are not willing to do that.  They often get discouraged when they have to deal with tenants and they give up.

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House of the Day Shows Luxury Homes Up Close and Personal

House of the Day Tour is a cool feature from the Wall Street Journal that is downright addicting…

fun house toursThe House of the Day Tour is a cool feature from the Wall Street Journal which instantly places you inside some of the most luxurious homes on the market with just one mouse click.

You get about 10 slides per property to look at and to claim it is not addicting would be giving you false facts.

Facts are, it’s downright fun.

What’s my most fav house of the day?
It has to be that 5000 sq ft manse located just below the infamous Hollywood sign.
I love the views. I also like most of the rooms, except for all the steps, and I don’t like the master bedroom.

Check out House of the Day Slide Show

HGTV Star Helps Homesellers Deal with Realty Reality On Hit show

Mike Aubrey tells homesellers what they don’t want to hear- that their homes are really worth less. See the fireworks…

He’s the retired firefighter turned realtor and he sold $12 million worth of properties his first year (2003).

He’s also the star of yet another real estate reality shows. This one is called, what else, Real Estate Intervention.

But don’t let the nice smile on the cute bald man fool you. He’s into tough real estate love.

And that often gets him into trouble with some of his homesellers who are not totally dealing with realty reality.
That’s because they still think their properties and houses are worth more than they actually are.

But it always comes down to one question that he always asks them.
“Do you want to sell or not?”

Simple, isn’t it?


Here are some more of his sayings which are turning out to be priceless…(maybe I should reword that)

“If you don’t price it right, it won’t sell.”
And my most fav, ” Real estate pricing is an art, not a science,”
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